Pattern matching in JavaScript

2019-11-02 - Written by Loc Phan - 2 min read

Apply pattern matching on values in JavaScript

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React Native Architecture

2019-11-01 - Written by Loc Phan - 17 min read

Core principles, patterns and best practices for building a React Native application.

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Scalability And High Availability

2019-10-31 - 14 min read

Performing Well at Any Scale

Provides the tools to define Scalability and High Availability, so your team can implement critical systems with well-understood performance goals.

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Understanding Cloud Computing

2019-10-30 - 15 min read

Amazon EC2, Google App Engine, and Microsoft Azure

This Refcard will walk you through the basics, from where exactly clouds are located, to deciphering the differences between cloud service types (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), and the key benefits you can expect to receive.

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Getting Started With Redis

2019-10-29 - 19 min read

The Open-Source Data Structure Server

Redis is an open source, in-memory data store that gives you the opportunity to store and access data quickly and efficiently. In this Refcard, you will get started on your Redis journey with a simple guide to installing and utilizing Redis, a complete glossary of data types, and the various commands to operate in Redis with detailed examples.

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